What’s in a Pen?

Our company frequently gets requests for custom printed promotional pens to be used as giveaways at trade shows, for direct marketing, or as corporate gifts. The problem is that we offer literally thousands of pens to select from.

So, how do you choose which pen to use? What are some of the differences? What should you be aware of when selecting a pen?

First of all, many companies use at least two styles of promotional pens in their marketing efforts. One style of pen is inexpensive and suitable for mass distribution at trade shows or for general handing out to anyone who might be a potential client.

This type of pen can be a cap style pen, or inexpensive click style pen, with at least your company’s logo on it and a main phone number. They are cheap enough to pass around at trade shows or throughout the general offices of customers. Putting them into packages of products as a “thank you for your business” gift is another great idea for using inexpensive promotional pens.

Then, for direct contact selling at arranged meetings, a company will have a much nicer pen to leave with the client. The nicer pens usually have metal barrels, retractable points, and may be engraved instead of pad printed.

Engraved pens are a classy gift that will get attention. Usually, custom engraved pens have metal barrels that add to the weight thereby enhancing the feel of the pen. Furthermore, nice pens do not get tossed or lost. They are truly the gift that keeps on giving – and promoting you!

You should also consider the use of a promotional pen by the customers who receive them. For instance, in hospital settings, the nurses and doctors frequently visit patients in the evenings in low light conditions. So, how about a pen with a light? Custom printed pens with a light built into them are perfect for hospitals, clinics, law enforcement, elder care homes, some factories, warehouses, night clubs, and any other place where lighting may be marginal.

Additionally, there are pens with lanyards or lanyard attachments. Think of any type of job that requires a person to be on the go throughout the day while making frequent notes and you have a candidate for a pen on a lanyard. Examples of people who would benefit from a 3d pen on a lanyard would include nurses, waiters, waitresses, teachers, fitness trainers, and postal workers.

If you are in the computer industry, pens with a flash drive built into them are popular. Flash drive pens make extremely nice gifts when presented to a client in a gift box. The drives are available in many capacities so you can tailor your purchase to your needs. Or, you may want to use the custom printed pen drive as a direct marketing piece and have a company presentation stored on the drive, which has become more popular these days.

If you market to high schools, colleges and universities, a great custom pen to consider would be one with a laser pointer built into it. Laser pointer pens can be useful in any environment where lectures or presentations are frequent.

One other consideration to think about with pens is the type of ink you may need in them. Gel inks have become very popular as they write very smoothly. However, they will not dry on a “coated” paper very quickly, whereas a pen with a permanent type ink will write on almost any surface. Permanent marking pens are super for writing on cd’s or non-absorbent surfaces.

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